Application Information

Information Sessions, Application Submission, Review and Admission

Throughout July and early August, there are various tabling and information sessions set up so that potential participants’ can talk to us about questions they may have about the program. We advertise these info sessions and application details on the staff newsletter (GVSE). The application link is available on our website and we also send it out to GVSE.

  • If you are interested in applying as a mentee for the 2023-2024 cohort, click here.
  • If you are interested in applying as a mentor for the 2023-2024 cohort, click here

We accept GMC applications starting at the beginning of the summer. They are due by 5 pm PT on Friday, August 25, 2023. All UCSB career staff are eligible to apply. Once applicants are selected, the program kicks off with a Welcome Mixer in the Fall. 


Welcome Mixer: Mentor/Mentee Pairing

The Welcome Mixer facilitates mentor/mentee pairing by allowing participants a chance to meet each other and offer feedback on pairing preferences. Currently, a “speed dating” type model is employed whereby each mentee has a chance to briefly chat with each mentor. Based on application information and feedback from the Welcome Mixer, the committee finalizes mentor/mentee pairing assignments and sends an introductory Welcome Packet to help facilitate the first meeting.


Calendar & Deadlines

July- Early August

Information Sessions


Application Submission

Late August

Review and Admission to Program


Welcome Mixer: Mentor/Mentee Pairing


Mentor/Mentee Engagement


Winter Midpoint Mixer


Spring Midpoint Mixer


Graduation Ceremony


Get Involved

Prospective Mentors

  • Experienced UCSB staff who wish to provide guidance and support
  • Those with involvement in campus or community organizations
  • Lifelong learners interested in helping facilitate and nurture others’ growth
  • Anyone with unique skills and experiences to share (Ex. single parenting, health and wellness etc)

Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • You gain new perspective in the journey of mentoring 
  • You strengthen your openness to people and ideas
  • You develop your ability to provide feedback and constructive criticism
  • You add breadth to your experiences and resume
  • You gain satisfaction from helping others 

Prospective Mentees

  • New employees
  • Those seeking to make a career move on campus
  • Those stepping into new leadership roles
  • Staff with interests outside of work (Ex. social justice, community organizations)
  • Anyone seeking guidance with work/life balance
  • Those wanting to expand their network

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • You learn how to clarify and communicate your needs
  • You get to work one on one with someone who can provide support and energy to help you focus on achieving your goals
  • You strengthen your drive and self accountability
  • You develop more connections on campus
  • You keep yourself engaged with your professional/personal goals 




What is Gaucho Mentor Connection?
In a nutshell, the Gaucho Mentor Connection is a program that aims to connect staff members at UCSB via mentor/mentee relationships. We believe that mentorship is a vital part of professional development, and offers benefits for both the mentee AND the mentor. For more details, read our Mission Statement.

How do I apply?
Click on the Application tab above and fill out the online application. Please be sure to submit it by 5:00pm on the application deadline.

How much of a time commitment is required?
This is entirely up to each individual mentor/mentee pair. While we recommend checking in with each other a minimum of once a month, the exact schedule will be up to you. You can meet in a variety of ways, as well: over email, over Skype, over telephone, in person during a coffee or lunch break, during various staff events on campus throughout the year, or even meeting outside of business hours if your schedules allow. There is a lot of room for flexibility in how and how often you meet.

Who is eligible to apply?
All current UCSB staff are eligible. We'd also like to emphasize that anyone can be a mentor, and anyone can be a mentee. For example, even if you've been working here for 20+ years, you can still be a mentee and learn something new. Similarly, even if you're just starting out your career, you may possess valuable skills that you can pass on to a fellow staff member via mentorship.

How will I know who I've been paired with?
​We try to match mentors and mentees according to similar interests and goals. The more information you provide on your application, the better we are able to match pairs. During the Welcome Mixer in September, you will have the opportunity to meet with various prospective mentors and mentees, and provide additional feedback on pairing preferences.